Of all homes have leaky ducts
Quality of indoor air can be more polluted than outside
Of your time is spent indoors
Of every $1 you spend of energy is wasted
Billion dollars of wasted energy in U.S. each year

Source: Aeroseal.com

Are the rooms in your home uncomfortably hot or cold? Are you dealing with excessive humidity or dust? Are you experiencing a musty odor? Are your energy bills going through the roof?

Air ducts by nature leak at every joint and seam. Before sealing, the average duct system has 20-30% leakage, resulting in hot and cold spots in your home as well as high utility bills.

How We Can Help

For almost 20 years Clean Air Columbia has improved thousands of homes throughout the Mid-Missouri area Our goal is to make families healthier and their homes more comfortable.

We use the best non-toxic water-based formulas that efficiently seal any holes or leakage with minimal setup. We can be in and out of your home in as little as 4 hours while the results can last for decades! See how this process works below.

3 Biggest Issues Caused by Duct Leakage

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

A new study showed that sealing ducts located in conditioned space saved up to 16% of energy and improved overall home envelope leakage by 11%. Beyond that, there are several benefits to Aeroseal duct sealing for both residential and commercial properties.

How Our Process Works

Step 1. We start with a comprehensive test

We use a pressurizing system to find the holes and leaks in your ducts. Using the Aeroseal technology, we conduct a test of how efficiently the air system works before sealing. We then prepare a report of your pre-seal leakage.

Step 2. We fix the leaks and seal with precision

Using the Aeroseal formula through the existing duct system we can see real-time results as the cracks are filled. The average home can be sealed from start to finish in 4-6 hours.

Step 3. You enjoy the benefits of a healthy home!

After the sealing is complete you’ll receive a formal certificate of completion, which includes a detailed analysis of performance before and after. We have a 10-year guarantee on Aeroseal, it can even last for decades. We can’t wait for you to feel the difference with even temperatures, fewer pollutants, and better utility bills

How It Works

Homeowner Testimonials:

Breathing new life back into this 100-year-old home with air duct sealing! Better airflow and a more pleasant smell were the outcomes for Dillon.

Back in August Steve was called to service a historic property in Columbia, Missouri. Dillon and his family had just moved into a house built in 1912!

Dillon mentioned how long it took the system to cool down and the lingering odor of the older home. He had also noticed spiders and pests around the home and was hoping sealing the ducts would help all these issues.

Steve, with the help of Aeroseal technology, had the house sealed in one afternoon. The home resulted in a 88% reduction of leakage and the home immediately smelled better! Dillion has noticed fewer spiders and a quicker cool down.

“I called up Clean Air Columbia to see what he could do about the smells and airflow issues in our 1912 house we just bought. They got us on the schedule promptly and made sure we were happy with the outcome. One of the best decisions we made!”

— Dillon F.

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“During our Aeroseal pretest, we found that, for every minute that our air conditioning or heat was running, the equivalent to over 500 basketballs full of air was escaping and not traveling where intended! This resulted in an extra warm upstairs during the warm/hot months.

Steve described the leakage metrics in a way that I was better able to understand to help quantify how much waste we were looking at —  which was A LOT!

AFTER Steve sealed our air ducts, that 500+ number was lowered by 479 to somewhere in the 50’s! Because we worked with the city on their free energy audit process, my husband and I were able to get a rebate for completing the air duct sealing process in our home. With the air duct sealing (in combination with some other energy-saving measures we took), we received over $1,000 in total rebates from the city and Ameren. Our energy bills are also expected to reduce by 22% over this next year!

Thank you, thank you, Steve, for cleaning the air in our home so that this allergy-ridden gal can breathe easy and for making our home more efficient so that we are able to save on monthly energy costs! And, thanks for making the process easy to understand and flexible to schedule!”

— Jamie Hoberg Martin

>> Download the Case Study

Have some questions?

Can you fix my hot and cold rooms?
Yes! Sealing your vents and ducts means that air is delivered where it’s needed, and not into your basement, attic or crawl space. This also helps get rid of hot and cold spots in your house.

Will this help my house be less dusty?
Absolutely! Leaky ducts and vents pull in dust, mold and dander and then blow them into living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Gross, right? Our system can reduce leaky areas by as much as 90%, making sure dirt isn’t circulated in your house.

How much can I save on my utility bill?
A lot! Independent government-sponsored studies have shown that sealing your ducts can save you up to $850 per year! Most homeowners save at least 20%, some save as much as 40% of their total bill. Exact energy savings are difficult to predict, since they depend on where you live, how old your house is, how up-to-date your system is, how many rooms you need to heat or cool, and how energy costs are calculated in your area.

Is your formula really safe for my family and my pets?
Without a doubt. Our formula is safe, non-toxic and water-soluble, made of the same material that is found in chewing gum and baby pacifiers. It is so safe, we’ve helped hospitals, surgery centers, schools and public buildings make sure their air is clean, healthy and comfortable – and saved them energy and money in the process.

How big of a leak can your sealant cover?
Aeroseal is able to close most cracks and leaks in most air duct systems. Any large, major leaks – like broken, disconnected or damaged ducts – will need to be repaired prior to sealing. Most of the time, we uncover problems like this during our initial inspection. However, if we find this during our sealing process, we will stop our service and recommend a solution.

How long does this stuff last?
We guarantee our work for at least 10 years, and we’ve stress-tested it up to 40 years in homes. We expect your heating and cooling systems to work efficiently for as long as you own your home.

Do I need to have my ductwork cleaned first?
Sometimes, but not always. Any ducts that are extremely dirty should be cleaned first. We find this most often in older houses. Our technician will take a look at this during the initial inspection, and recommend a cleaning if needed.

If I have my ducts sealed, can they be cleaned in the future?
Yes. Ducts from all types of materials can be successfully cleaned after being sealed. Our formula dries into a very hard, very durable substance.

Will all the insides of my ductwork be coated with sealant?
No. Our formula doesn’t coat or line your ducts, it focuses on just the cracks and leaks, and fills them. The only sealant remaining after our technician is done will be over the leak that was sealed.

How does air duct sealing work?
Computer-enabled smart technology evaluates the exact amount of leakage in the system and targets all of the cracks and leaks – even the ones you can’t see and can’t reach.