Air Duct Cleaning

Clean Air Columbia is committed to providing high-quality air duct cleaning services in Columbia, MO.


It all starts with the right equipment. We utilize state of the art equipment designed specifically for residential and light commercial work. The powerful Nikkro SL 4000 negative air machine is equipped with dual reverse incline motors, which pulls a powerful suction over the entire duct system.

Then we utilize the power of compressed air from the opposite end. Using various air tools, from whips to air sweeps, we start at each register and work our way back to the furnace cleaning the entire length of the duct work. We pride ourselves on thorough cleaning paying attention to every detail for each air duct cleaning service in Columbia, MO.

Once the duct work is all cleaned we turn our attention to the air handler its self. We will clean out the cabinet around the blower motor, and even blow out all the dust from the blower its self. Now that the cleaning is complete we finish the job by sanitizing the system to kill any germs, mold, bacteria, etc., leaving your home's air fresh and healthy for years to come.

Breathe Easy Knowing You & Your Family Are Protected

Our services are provided to protect your home and family. With Clean Air Columbia, you can rest assured knowing the air you’re breathing is clean.