Indoor Air Quality Products

Clean Air Columbia provides top-notch indoor air quality products to Columbia & Jefferson City, MO.


Interested in whole home filtration or UV lights to keep your house clean and healthy? Let us know!


  • reduce allergens in your home's air
  • protects your HVAC system (dust is the number 1 reason for system failures)
  • confidence in knowing you are giving your family the purest air possible
  • turn ductwork into a whole home air purifier

UV Lights

  • kills mold spores from colonizing and growing on AC coil
  • kills germs in the air as it passes by, keeping air healthy to breathe
  • healthier home/workplace = less sick days
  • peace of mind knowing your air is healthy


  • kills musty smells at the source
  • dust mites and spiders can’t survive in dry air
  • prevents mold from growing
  • makes air feel cooler so you can keep the thermostat a little higher and save money on utility bill

Breathe Easier.

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