Ask these questions to evaluate potential contractors.

How long has the contractor been cleaning ductwork?

Length of experience is very important to ensuring a quality job. Some companies have been in business for many years but have only recently began cleaning ducts. Their advertising may imply they have been cleaning ducts for many years, but it’s a good idea to ask for specific length of experience.

Clean Air Columbia is proud to have more than 15 years of experience offering air duct cleaning services to Columbia, Jefferson City, and the entire mid-Missouri area.

Is the company NADCA-certified (and therefore follow the highest industry standards)? Can they show proof of NADCA membership and certification?

Many companies state they use NADCA standards, but they are not truly certified by NADCA. Clean Air Columbia is proud to be a member of the NADCA. You can view our other awards here.

Has the company done work in homes similar to yours?

It is a good idea to get references from neighbors, if possible. Also, check the company’s reviews online. Here’s a link to our reviews, or you can read a few of them below.

“I can’t believe the huge difference cleaning the air ducts made. I don’t wake up each morning with gritty eyes or a cough due to allergies. I don’t have to dust every time the furnace or air conditioning comes on. There’s no “smell” of dust when the furnace runs. It even made the furnace run quieter. I’m still amazed at the difference. Another thing that surprised me is that you didn’t just clean where the vents were, but went up into the rafters and cleaned that duct work also.” – Kathleen

“I highly recommend Clean Air Columbia. Great guys and great service. The past few winters I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights. I would wake up every time our heat kicked on with sore throat and chest pain. One of my bad allergies is dust. Finally decided to have our air duct and vents cleaned and that night I didn’t wake up once! My husband can tell a difference too, and can feel the heat better in his game room. Thanks Clean Air Columbia!” – Randi

“I am so pleased we finally had our ducts cleaned! And even more pleased we went with Clean Air Columbia! Professional and down to earth people! From setting up to the cleaning process to the clean up and tear down at the end, attention to detail throughout the process! And the crew showed up when the said they would be here! I really appreciate the text and email communication along the way! Customer service is alive and well with Tyler and his team! Thank you!” – Mike

“We have used Clean Air Columbia for heating/air conditioning duct cleaning as well as dryer duct cleaning for many years. They always arrive for their appointment on time and do an outstanding job of cleaning the ducts as evidenced by the air quality in our home. The owner and his employees are truly experts at what they do. We wouldn’t use anyone else!” – Robert

“Just got my budget billing statement today. My gas bill went down $256.32 over the last year. Thank you.” – Ed