Proud to be a part of a community improvement project that will bring a new adult high school to Columbia, we used our new super-powered vacuum truck to clean the air ducts of the former Columbia Daily Tribune building that will soon serve as the new Goodwill Excel Center.

This project marks our first commercial cleaning job with our new truck, cleaning the dusty air vents that have been used by Columbia Daily Tribune since 1973 to create a healthier educational environment for students.

Powered by the diesel motor that runs the truck, our new vacuum power cleaning truck pulled an impressive 15,000 CFM of vacuum-power air out of the dirty air ducts. To put that in perspective, the average furnace only pushes out about 1,200 CFM of air dust – that’s more than 10x the cleaning power in every vent!

This project was the perfect opportunity to put our new vacuum truck to the test, and we are beyond impressed by the results and grateful to be able to make a healthy difference in the air quality of the new building. See our before and after photos below!