There are two main types of vacuum collection devices: (1) those mounted on trucks and trailers and (2) portable units. Truck/trailer mounted equipment is generally more powerful than portable equipment. There are several distinct benefits to using a truck/trailer mounted vacuum system including superior power, larger hose diameter and better debris containment.

All vacuum units should be attached to a collection device for safe containment prior to disposal. Any vacuum collection device which exhausts indoors must be HEPA-filtered.

A vacuum collection device alone will not get an HVAC system clean. The use of methods and tools designed to agitate debris adhered to the surfaces within the system, in conjunction with the use of the vacuum collection device(s), is required to clean HVAC systems. (For example, brushes, air whips and “skipper balls.”)

How Clean Air Columbia cleans air ducts

We use a vacuum truck powered by a diesel motor that pulls 15,000 CFM of vacuum-power air out of the dirty air ducts. To put that in perspective, the average furnace only pushes out about 1,200 CFM of air dust – that’s more than 10x the cleaning power in every vent! We also use a Nikkro SL 4000 Negative Air Machine. This machine is equipped with dual reverse incline motors and pulls a powerful suction through an entire duct system.

After a solid vacuum, we use various air tools, from whips to air sweeps at each register and work our way back to the furnace, cleaning the entire length of the ductwork. Once the duct work is cleaned, we turn our attention to the source – the air handler itself. We clean out the cabinet around the blower motor, and blow out the dust from inside the blower.

When necessary, we use a mild degreaser to clean exterior surfaces or inside the furnace cabinet, but on a typical cleaning no chemicals are introduced to the interior of the ductwork. When helping our restoration friends clean up mold or soot from a fire, we will use appropriate chemicals to help restore the ductwork.

Once everything is cleaned, our professionals will inspect their work to ensure every aspect of your duct system is pristine.

We pride ourselves on thorough cleaning; our team dedicated to ensuring every detail of each air duct is in tip-top condition.

We used our super-powered vacuum truck, powerful enough to service large commercial jobs, to clean the air ducts of the former Columbia Daily Tribune building, helping with the renovation effort to transform the building into the Goodwill Excel Center in Columbia, Missouri.

Watch Clean Air Columbia’s equipment at work in the video …