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Clean Air Solutions is excited to be able to offer air duct sealing, through the Aeroseal process, to our customers

Aeroseal Key Points:

  • Seals from inside/out to help improve Indoor Air Quality, Comfort, and reduce Energy bills.
  • Seals visible, invisible, and inaccessible joints.
  • Results verified and performance guaranteed for 10 years for residential applications.
  • Result of total system leakage from Aeroseal implementation averages between 5% – 10% cfm.
  • Flexible and Malleable
  • Average home can be sealed between 4-6 hours, including prep, sealing, and tear down.
  • American homes waste over $25 billion in energy every year due to leaking air ducts.
  • Studies have verified that heating and cooling contributes up to 50% of the utility cost in a typical home and numerous experiments and field studies by utilities and national laboratories have concluded that 30-50% of the air in a typical home leaks out before reaching the occupied space.
  • Leaky ducts also create a significant on our environment. American homes use almost 25% of the energy consumed in the United States and the average home produces twice the greenhouse gases as the average car.
  • Leaky ducts also contribute to home comfort issues (excessive humidity and hot and cold rooms.

Until the development of the Aeroseal duct sealing technology, there was no efficient method of sealing remote leaks in HVAC ducts.

“Leaky air ducts are responsible for a huge energy loss problem in America and having the aeroseal solution made available for the first time to many home owners is very exciting to see,” said Thomas Baker, building technology editor for the magazine. Space heating and cooling drive residential energy demand and utility costs — it accounts for 54 percent of a home’s energy consumption.